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Love in 2.0 era

Relationships can be hard today. The power of social media in our lifes is strong and we have to be careful not to build a fake life of facebook status but a life of true adventures.  Some people say “The best sign of an healthy relationship is no sign of it on Facebook”. Do you agree?

Here are some inspirations on the theme of love in that 2.0 era :

  1. Singer Stromae and his song Carmen about the presence of social media in our love life on a musical theme of famous opera Carmen

2. When love is real passion. Habanera theme from the opera Carmen by The Royal Opera House

3. Love can be complex. Danser and choreographer Pina Bausch about her vision of love.

4. Love doesn’t have a face, it has a heart. The choreography of Enrique and Guillermo de Fazio is refreshing!


Your opinion can be an inspiration / Votre opinion peut être inspirante!